The Unforgiven (2012)

The Unforgiven (2012)


Eisuke Hidaka (Shosuke Tanihara) is a promising neurosurgeon who works hard, but neglects his family. Due to his focus on work, Eisuke is unable to prevent the death of his own son. In addition, his wife commits suicide after the death of their son. Eisuke Hidaka falls into deep dispair and eventually finds himself homeless. He stays in a temporary residence area. A fire occurs and a murder. Eisuke finds himself involved in the case. During this time, Eisuke Hidaka meets a boy who says “he can hear a cry from his heart” and also meets a woman who looks exactly like his deceased wife. Meanwhile, Eisuke Hidaka’s ex-lover tries to get him reinstated, but another murder case happens.

Other Name: 償い

Released: Nov. 17, 2012

Cast: N/A

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